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DIMENSION:  7” X  60”


THICKNESS:    5mm   ( with 1.00 mm IXPE underlayment)


WEAR Layer:   0.3mm (12mil)


Surface :  PUR Coating




Warranty (subject to Terms ):    Commercial     10 years

                                            Residential       15 years

The Vinylinx  Enternity Rigid Core collection is a contemporary style with endless possibilities for interior design creativity.

Here are just some of the benefits of our Vinyl tiles:

  • Easy installation

  • Finished with protective coating creating a scratch and stain resistant surface

  • Minimum maintenance required

  • Easy repairs in case of accidental damage

The combination of high definition graphic quality and durability of this unique collection makes this an ideal choice for any commercial, retail or industrial space.

As with all of our products, Enternity collection is in compliance with international quality standards and emission criteria certified by FloorScore.

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